We build instruments to observe the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB). The CMB is a relic remnant from the big bang. Properties of the CMB give tremendous amount of information about the evolution of the universe. By 'evolution of the universe' we mean: from a small fraction of a second after the bang until galaxies and clusters of galaxies formed. 

The instruments we build are launched aboard balloon-borne platforms to altitudes above 100,000 ft. They use the highest sensitivity detectors in the world, as well as many other innovations that you won't find in Home Depot, Menards, or Ax-Man. The balloon flight usually lasts between a few hours to few weeks, and flights are launched from various locations in the world, including Texas, Sweden, and Antarctica. 

Some members of our group spend their time mostly with hardware and instrumentation, and some spend most of their time with software and computers, specializing in simulations, data analysis and cosmological interpretation. Those members use the facilities of the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute. 

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